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Vakantievilla Portugal

Fun / Events / Trips

Chocolate Festival Óbidos 
Sweet lovers shouldn’t pass out on the opportunity to visit Óbidos at the International Chocolate Festival. Between the 14th  and 24th February the streets of this medieval town turn into a fairytale-like scenery. You find windows filled with cakes, chocolates and other chocolate sculptures all around. Delicious to taste and great buy. For the children there is a "Children's Chocolate House" where fun is made and educational games are done. There is a kitchen where they can make everything solely from chocolate. Adults can follow cooking class with chocolate as the main ingredient. It is also possible to attend a professional pastry contest. Come and visit this lovely annual festival.

Moto GP Portugal
The black tar of the circuit of Estoril, especially known by the Formula 1 races, is now in the sign of the Moto GP. The circuit is popular with the drivers because of the dramatic turns and fast straight stretches. This year's GP is scheduled at the end of the season. On October 4th this year, the races take place.

Search and book your tickets for this exciting event asap and stay in one of our villas. The perfect choice either with a group of friends, a littly company bonus trip, or to enjoy with the family. Your children will have an unforgettable experience of this spectacular event.

Bull fight 
Have you ever been to Spain before? And did you always want visit a bullfight but never did? Something just doesn’t seem right watching a Matador shooing the bull and stabbing it for it to die eventually. In Portugal rules are very different. The Matador has to keep the bull alive. Hence, here a visit to a bull fight is a real spectacle with respect for the animal. In the near vicinity of our villas you can find a bullring and go to a fight one day.

Especially Santarém has a large arena. This city holds a special place in the history of bullfighting. In the 19th century the rules for Portuguese bull fighting were established. The performances in the arena, the season runs from Easter to All Saints, are high standard. In early June on the Campo da Feira do Ribatejo, a major agricultural fair (Feira do Ribatejo) is held. You’ll be treated on vocal and dance performances, bull fights and a parade of the Campinos ( bull guardians.) Really worth a visit.