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Vakantievilla Portugal


Portugal for centuries belonged to the Islamic civilization which can be noted until today. The Portuguese inherited their great love for Azulejos (glazed tiles) from the Moorish occupiers.

Know as typically Portuguese, is Manuel Federal architecture, a 16th-century architecture that can be characterized by rich -even excessive - ornamentation. Travelling through Portugal is travelling through time. However the monuments are not the only witnesses of the past. Passing through the countryside it seems as if time stood still. The donkey is still their favorite way of transport.

Less known about Portugal is that they build fantastic wines and offer great food. For a gastronome par excellence the many traditional regional specialties are worth it to be discovered. The ancient dances and songs, Portuguese folklore is so rich of, are held in honour at the many festivals. In short, a country of great diversity that longs to be explored by your. Click here and find out the many things to do in this amazing country.